EUROSAM Solutions

FSAF-PAAMS Programme, Successful European cooperation

EUROSAM systems have been designed for both naval and ground-launched applications.

SAAM and PAAMS surface-to-air anti-missiles guarantee self-defense and consort protection. SAMP/T contributes to modernize long-range surface-to-air defense systems. These systems are capable of defeating threats such as high-speed tactical missiles and highly manoeuvrable air-craft.

Integration is facilitated by always being based on the same architecture: a fire control unit using multifunction phased array radar, a vertical launcher to reduce the reaction time in all directions, and a terminal active homing missile equipped with a lateral thrust system (“PIF-PAF”) to achieve direct impact or very low miss distance.

Ground Systems


To protect airspace, SAMP/T is the only European long-range defense system in service since 2011.

Naval Systems

Naval Systems

The SAAM and PAAMS main priorities are self-defense, protection of naval areas and consort protection.

Aster missiles

ASTER Missiles

ASTER is an anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic family missile, which covers from short to long-range missions.

In Service Support

In Service Support

Our experts provide the highest level of support and assistance service to meet the requirements of our customers.

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