Ethic & Compliance

Ethic & Compliance

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Eurosam’s Ethics

Integrity is one of the five values of Eurosam.

At Eurosam, acting with integrity means acting in accordance with the Eurosam company’s Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics aims to establish integrity in the conduct of our activities, in our relations with people, and in our environmental impacts. This is why Eurosam is committed to comply with the law and applies the highest ethical standards in all the countries where it operates, as stated in its Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics asks us to obey the law and goes beyond the law, in the pursuit of what we think is right balancing the interests of the Business, the People, and the Planet.


  • Security
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Trustworthy relationship with customers
  • One team

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Code of Ethics

As a JV Eurosam has derived it’s code of ethics from MBDA and Thales ones.
The Code of Ethics which is our foundation document was approved by Eurosam shareholders.
It is mandatory to all Eurosam entities and employees, directors and officers, regardless of location or role.

MBDA ethic rules

Thales ethic rules