Ground Systems

Ground Systems

SAMP/T NG : the new european long-Range Ground Based Air-Defense System.

Strategic Capabilities

SAMP/T NG is the new generation of SAMP/T system that is today in service. SAMP/T NG will be delivered from 2025.

SAMP/T NG is designed to protect armed forces and sensitive civil or military sites but also to become a strategic system.

It is a game changer with its ability to guarantee air sovereignty, to counter all types of threats simultaneously including supersonic and ballistic missiles and to allow implementation of new operational concepts as advanced A2/AD (Anti-Access / Area Denial).

A game

The SAMP/T NG is able to:

  • Provide a 360-degree protection.
  • Detect further than 350 km and intercept beyond 150 km air-breathing targets.
  • Detect and intercept maneuvering ballistic missile of range beyond 600 km.
  • Deploy quickly with a limited number of personnel, integrate easily in an air-defense network and being employed intensively with limited support.


SAMP/T NG battery has four main components:

  • Up to 48 Aster missiles ready to fire.
  • One multi-function radar (GF300 or KGM HP).
  • One engagement module (battery C2).
  • Up to 6 launchers capable of carrying 8 missiles each.


A new command and control module based on upgraded open command and control software architecture and enhanced connectivity.

A team up to 4 persons manages the sensors and netwoks in order to benefit from the latest technologies for engagement decision and weapon assignment to:

  • Elaborate an integrated air and space tactical picture.
  • Counter emerging and future threats as diverse as manoeuvring ballistic missiles, supersonic missiles, UAVs and highly manoeuvring aircraft, in a saturation attack scenario.

The system is designed to operate in a dense civilian air environment, in cooperation with friendly military aircraft and fully integrated into the national air defense network and fully interoperable with NATO / Coalition systems.The system is also fully compliant with the latest regulations in term of Information security and access control management.



New full AESA Multi-function radar & IFF (GF 300 or KGM HP)

A new 360° multifunction radar fitted with a rotating Active Electronically Scanned Array Antenna based on GaN technology with on the edge signal processing management (Ground Fire 300 or Kronos Grand Mobile High Power).

It guarantees high probability detection and tracking precision, even in heavy clutter & counter measure environments. It allows to track more than 1000 targets.

The multi-function radar is able to encamp in less than 15 minutes with only 2 operators and is operated remotely from the Engagement module. It complies with high mobility requirements either on civilian road, on rail infrastructure or in aircraft thanks to its 20 feet ISO container standard size.



Mobile - 360° vertical launcher

An upgraded vertical launcher featuring new electronic equipment to preserve the key advantages of this 360° launching equipment: automatic deployment, remote control from engagement module as well as high firing power and rate.

Each launcher is therefore able to fire 8 missiles with high rate of fire and 48 missiles are ready to fire per battery.




The Direct Support Unit (DSU) provides mobile logistic support to the SAMP/T NG system. A Direct Support Unit (DSU) is composed by:

  • Electronic Workshop Shelter (EWS)
  • Mechanical Workshop Shelter (MWS)
  • Spare-parts Warehouse Shelter (SWS)

The DSU offers a fast and effective technical support to SAMP/T NG modules by delivering electronic and mechanical assistance together with spare-parts in each operative scenario the SAMP/T NG is deployed.

The DSU are based on truck mounted ISO shelter to provide and high mobility in each operating environment and conditions SAMP/T NG is designed.



Simultaneous engagement capability
RANGE vs Air-Breathing Target
TBM Threat
Reaction time
• Protect armed forces and sensitive civil or military sites
• Become a strategic system
All round (360°). Full zenithal coverage
Multiple simultaneous targets, combining ABT and TBM threats
Detection beyond 350 km - Interception beyond 150 km
Detection and interception of maneuvering ballistic missile of range beyond 600 km in autonomous mode
• Up to 48 ready to fire Aster missiles
• Multiple engagement capability with high rate of fire
A few seconds from first autonomous detection of target to firing of first missile
• Fully self-propelled (typically 8x8 prime movers)
• Air transportable, with C130 or similar aircraft
• Proven for operation with NATO standard C2/ C3I (L16, JREAP, L11B)
• Adaptable to national / coalition Tactical Data Link
Typical crew: 20 for one battery



Global Airspace Sovereignty

Country & Forces Protection