Eurosam history

A strong history of European Cooperation

The european long-range Surface-Based Air defense systems

A French-Italian JV to implement France and Italy decision to cooperate.

Political milestones

On October 26th of 1988, the French and Italian defense ministers signed a bilateral cooperation agreement for the development of the future Surface-to-Air Family (FSAF) Program.

Cooperation has been enlarged to UKĀ  Government in 1996 for Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS) Family and to UK industries.

In 2001, FSAF and PAAMS programs have been integrated in the international organization OCCAR.

Cooperation has been renewed in 2015 for the Sustainement and Enhancement of the programs FSAF and PAAMS.


A European consortium

France and Italy agreed to develop a Missile systems Family, whose costs they shared on a 50-50 basis:

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Italy and France collaborate for the Future Surface-to-Air Family Program.



Eurosam Joint Venture is created by Franco-Italian main defense industries.



The cooperation is enlarged to the UK for the Principal Anti-Air Missile System Family (PAAMS).


Cooperation renewed for the Sustainment and enhancement of FSAF and PAAMS programs.